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River City Dance Company (RCDC) is our children's company/performance group. However, we would like to provide more students who are ready and willing to have more performance opportunities/experiences. This performance group will be comprised of children artists ranging in age from 5-17 who will set a high standard of excellence through instruction and performance in dance. Our continued purpose is to:

  • To assist local and state tourism and chamber of commerce officials in recruiting businesses and major corporations to locate within our area;

  • To provide instruction in dance forms such as jazz, ballet, modern, and ethnic dance;

  • To provide instruction in body movement and theory such as dance history and pedagogy;

  • To give public performances in dance forms and creative dramatics;

  • To ensure that all children regardless of race, creed, color, and/or financial circumstance can participate in and/or attend company performances;

  • To sponsor special events involving the public performance of any or all of the above art forms as well as other performing arts by the corporation’s performing troupe as well as by other community performing arts groups; and

  • To directly engage in and to provide facilities for others to engage in the promotion of the arts, generally.

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